Quartz Worktops in Kent

Quartz Worktops in Kent

Quartz Worktops in Kent: Easy Maintenance and a wise investment decision.

Choosing granite worktops for your kitchen is not only a wise design decision but also a sound investment. The timeless appeal and durability of granite can significantly increase the value of your home. Potential buyers often consider a granite worktop as a desirable feature, enhancing the overall attractiveness of the kitchen and potentially helping to sell your property more quickly and at a higher price.

What are the most popular places for quartz worktops in Kent to be used?

Quartz is a versatile material that can be used in various areas of both residential and commercial spaces. Here are some popular places where quartz is commonly used:

Kitchen Countertops: Quartz is a preferred material for kitchen countertops due to its durability, stain resistance, and low maintenance requirements. Its non-porous nature makes it resistant to spills, stains, and bacterial growth, making it ideal for food preparation areas. Quartz countertops come in a wide range of colors and patterns, allowing homeowners to find the perfect match for their kitchen design.

Bathroom Vanities: Quartz is a popular choice for bathroom vanities due to its water resistance and ease of cleaning. It can withstand the moisture-rich environment of bathrooms without the risk of warping or staining. Quartz vanities offer a sleek and elegant appearance, adding a touch of luxury to any bathroom space.

Shower Surrounds: Quartz is increasingly being used as a material for shower surrounds and walls. Its water-resistant properties and low maintenance make it an excellent choice for withstanding the constant exposure to moisture. Quartz shower surrounds are available in various colors and designs, allowing for customization and creating a cohesive look in the bathroom.

Fireplace Surrounds & Hearths: Quartz is a desirable material for fireplace surrounds due to its heat resistance and ability to enhance the visual appeal of the fireplace. It can withstand the high temperatures emitted by the fireplace without discoloration or damage, adding a touch of sophistication to the living room or any space with a fireplace.

Office Spaces: Quartz is also commonly used in commercial settings, such as offices and reception areas. Its durability and aesthetic appeal make it suitable for high-traffic areas. Quartz countertops and reception desks provide a professional and polished look, creating a positive impression on clients and visitors.

Retail and Hospitality: In the retail and hospitality industries, quartz is often chosen for countertops and service areas. Its durability, stain resistance, and wide range of design options make it ideal for use in restaurants, bars, hotels, and boutiques. Quartz countertops not only offer a luxurious and modern appearance but also withstand the demands of these bustling environments.

Commercial Spaces: Quartz finds its place in various commercial spaces, including laboratories, hospitals, and educational institutions. Its non-porous surface and resistance to staining and bacterial growth make it hygienic and easy to clean, meeting the stringent requirements of these industries.

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quartz worktops in kent
quartz worktops in kent

Is any quartz produced in Kent?

Unlike granite which is not produced in Kent, our ‘garden of England’ county is home to several quartz manufacturers and suppliers that offer a wide range of quartz products for various applications, including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, and commercial spaces. These manufacturers source quartz from different locations around the world and then process and fabricate it in Kent to create the final quartz products.


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